Top Tips for Healthy Living

The Key to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Tips for Healthy Living, Self- Help Happiness and Motivational advice for Health, Spiritual Wellness, a fit Mind, a joyful Soul and Heart for a Wonderful Life.

★★★★★  I Want to Live At Cheri and Peter’s House, July 22, 2012 – Carl Bozeman

“What a wonderful surprise!  This book is the perfect ‘handbook’ for life.  It condenses the wisdom of the ages into an incredible guide for living. It touches every aspect of life including, mind, body, and spirit and adds tips to “simplify” every aspect of our hectic lives.  From the supper foods available to us to the quick “ten-minute tidy up” to tips for healing the heart!

Easy, fun, incredibly useful and readable.  What a treat!  Cheri and Peter have created deliciously healthy “snack food for the soul.”

Carl Bozeman Author: On Being God – Beyond Your Life’s Purpose  Are You Listening – Addressing the Divine Within

Top Tips for Healthy Living: Our spiritual journey 


Customer Reviews from Amazon

★★★★★  “ Life is what you make it; and these tips will help make it easy, fun and relaxing! ”  – Dr. Par Donahue

★★★★★  “A mental, physical & spiritual guide to well-being” – Damiano Iocovozzi.  5 reviewers made a similar statement

★★★★★  “I Love Books that Make Me Smile!” – Jay.  3 reviewers made a similar statement

★★★★★  “A Simple Plan” – Donna Vessey.  3 reviewers made a similar statement

The Authors vision

Top Tips for Healthy Living; Inspirational Self- Help Tips for a success, Spiritual awareness and growth, health, and great nutrition. Motivational tips for, improvement and self-esteem.


The best wisdom is trenchant and concise, Top tips for Healthy Living, The Key to Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wellness for a Healthy Lifestyle will help you in your journey of transformation, development, and self-discovery to find Happiness and the Motivation to succeed.

This book shares many secrets that some books take chapters to articulate in short synopsis, provided as a guide to wellbeing for mental, physical & spiritual health.  The motivational self-improvement advice for physically, mentally & spiritual wellness is the perfect “handbook” for life.  This is a daily devotional at your “fingertips,” of connections to the body as a temple of the soul that resonates with the reader in a profound way.

Cheri and Peter John Lucking compassionately remind the reader to stay positive, to eat a balanced diet of nature’s nutrition of vitamins minerals, and nutrients & exercise daily for wellness.  Tips for life emphasizes, integrity, being truthful with oneself and all people and being all, you can be…

The book touches on all the basics, providing a daily inspiration for a healthy life


  1. Daily Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

  2. Tips for a Healthy Mind

  3. Tips for a Balanced Diet of Natures Super Foods

  4. Tips for a Healthy Body

  5. Tips for a Healthy Heart and Soul

  6. Tips for Life

  7. Conclusion

Self-improvement tips for a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Top Tips for Healthy Living Self- Help Happiness and Motivation Real Magic Design Publishing Authors Cheri and Peter John Lucking. Book, ebook, synopsis

Top Tips for Healthy Living. Self- Help Happiness and Motivation by Real Magic Design Publishing. Authors Cheri and Peter John Lucking. Book, ebook, synopsis

Genre nonfiction illustrated short guide.  Number of chapters 6 / pages 100. Age Group: 1-100
Published by Real Magic Design, a Cheri Lucking and Peter John Lucking Company.
Copyright © 2012 by Cheri and Peter John Lucking All rights reserved


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