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We have been successful with our books and ebooks  (two best sellers) on Amazon using the “Like and Tag” approach. We would like to move our books and yours even higher up the Amazon ladder and sell books, through a team method we have found to work. The advanced, “Like and Tag Club” combines what we have participated in with additional knowledge we have of Amazon optimization, ranking, best seller promotions. This team effort of authors with shared goals will have dramatic results in ten days.


How to Guide for the Advanced “Like” & “Tag” Book Club

A small group of ten Authors will:


  • Add books to their Wish list, to include “Tagging and Liking Team” members on your wish list.
  • Buying, books is essential. The review must be “Format: Kindle / book Edition|Amazon. Verified Purchase,” to affect your overall rankings. Selling books is ‘‘Social Proof”.
  • Liking, books pushes up the Amazon ratings and gets you authorship noticed.
  • Tagging, books helps all search engines from Amazon to Google by clicking on tags
  • Reviews, on Amazon can make or break the success of a book. It is ‘‘Social Proof”, the more people that LIKE your book, the more people will order your book pushing up your Amazon ranking and sales!
  • Keywords in a review push up its ranking on Amazon, Google, etc. Internet search engines will pick up the review… we will tell you how to do this.
  • Liking Reviews, is important to rank the reviewers ranking on Amazon.
  • Share your Reviews on Facebook and Twitter from Amazon.
  • We will tell you when to do all the above for maximum impact.

The Group will all be in contact through a Google Groups, Amazon Tagging Club… Once the group is started, we will be sending out information to the group each day. We will do a team kick off meeting, a webinar to answer questions, demonstrate the basics and share knowledge.

Our Amazon Best Sellers: Being a best seller is not as important as selling books. Last holiday season we pushed our books to new heights and made sales, all of our holiday books were a success. Bilbo’s Adventures: A Christmas Wish was reached #47 on Amazon Kindle during our free promotion and stayed in the #6,000 rank on Amazon kindle paid till the end of January and was a Bestseller, in Christmas and Collections… Our branding helped sales and promotions

Amazon Best Sellers by Cheri and Peter John Lucking in Holiday books, Author “Like” & “Tag” Book Club, Real Magic Design
Amazon Best Sellers in Holiday books, Author “Like” & “Tag” Book Club, by Real Magic Design

You can do this with a little help from us. Your results may be different from using the techniques described in the Author’s Guide To Amazon. You will have a measurable success if your product is excellent and the niche is in demand.

Amazon Best Sellers by Cheri and Peter John Lucking  in Holiday books, Author “Like” & “Tag” Book Club, Real Magic Design
Promote your books to increase sales by joining a “Like” & “Tag” Book Club to raise your ranking and sell more books

The Book club is FREE. We ask only for, your commitment to your and the team’s promotion and success.


Why are We Doing This?

Simply put: By helping, YOU we help ourselves through an inexpensive way of getting eyeballs to both your books and our books and for ALL of us to have the opportunity to sell more products.

We would like to spend more time writing (presently 10%) and less time marketing (presently 90%). Our experience has shown us that being, a member of a “like and tag team,” is more beneficial and cost effective than any other marketing strategy. The Advanced Club takes this to the next level.

Book Club Guide Question and Answer

The Book club is FREE. We ask only for, your commitment to your and the team’s success.

Question: Can I be a member if I live outside the US:

Yes. Your participation brings benefits to all the team; many authors have books on Amazon worldwide with no way of carrying out the advice in this book. Helping each other across the pond will be an advantage for the team though the results will not be as great.

Question: How many books can I enroll in the club:

One per team member. However we encourage the team to just “Like and Tag” all your books once they are at Amazon.

Question: How many books will I need to buy?

Ten Kindle books and we will task the “Tagging and Liking Team” to price all the Kindle eBooks at $2.99. That is $29.90!

Potentially, you will get every dollar back by being be paid your percentage from Amazon for the sales of your book, not only to your fellow team members but also by the additional books you sell during and after your book club participation.

Question: How do I do this:

Adjust the price on Amazon KDP for a day!

Question: Why $2.99?

Surveys of book sales suggest that this is the best starting price for an unknown author. If you are on KDP this is the price break between making 70% and 30%. You can always increase the price of your kindle book as your sales rise and you become known.

Question: What if my book is only in printed formats:

If it is a printed book, we suggest team members buy your book and you refund them the difference between $2.99 and the price of your book through PayPal.

Question: Why can’t I just give them my book or gift it to them from Amazon?

Because we need “Amazon Verified purchases,” for a review to have any weight and “ping” the rankings, in addition a book sale increases your overall ranking on Amazon in a way that is more sustainable than, just tagging and liking books…

Question: How many “Reviews” will I be Expected to do?

As many as you feel comfortable doing, The more reviews you do and ‘likes’ of your reviews the team gives you, the higher you will climb on the Amazon reviewer rankings and the more weight your review will have on the book page you have reviewed.

• We ask that your reviews be forthright and written with integrity.

• If you do not like a book or feel it only deserves four stars or less it is important to be truthful and say why in a positive critique. Your opinion matters and being truthful to potential buyers of a product is important.

• Please note that any review your team members give you from 3-5 stars are worth the effort.

Question: How many lists will I be expected to make?

At least one. One list should include the “Tagging and Liking Teams” books. We suggest you make a number of additional lists that include your books to maximize your books potential ranking in this ten-day period.

Question: Why include “Tagging and Liking Team” members on my wish list?

Because before you buy their books it will provide a ‘‘Social Proof’ ‘ Ping to Amazon.

Question: You keep talking of Amazon “Pings, Ranking and Social Proof?”

Amazon is a Social Media Site unto itself. Everything you do on Amazon pings the server and affects your books overall ranking (the higher your ranking the more “‘Social Proof’ ” and books you could potentially sell). Amazon has complex algorithms, which are continuously changing; we have been watching and observing these changes for two years.

For example, last year a review from a book you gave to someone was equal to a review from an Amazon Purchase. This is no longer the case.

For example, what works on Kindle may not work in books. Why? They are separate departments in the corporation. “Amy” is far more predominant in the kindle department and the “Active discussions in related forums.”

To find out more about who we are visit:

“We have been members of Michelle Vandepas Tagging and Liking club and would like to improve the results by creating an advanced program utilizing all we have learnt marketing our books on Amazon to minimize the cost and time spent marketing.”

How to Contact Us and Join our Club

The Book club is FREE. We ask only for, your commitment to your and the team’s success. If you know other authors who may be interested in the book club or other services, please have them buy the book.

CLICK here to Contact Us and Join our Club or for any questions you may have we will get back to you.

 And Purchase this how-to:


 Author’s Guide To Amazon ~ Publishing, Self-publishing, Marketing, Sales and Selling Techniques.

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To find out more about why this is the most beneficial marketing method for ebooks and books an amazon that an author can do.

A Request from the Authors

If you find the advice in this book useful please, “Like, Tag, Review” and then, recommend, “Share” our book with other author’s struggling to be a success.


Contact us to discuss your specific needs, reviews etc.  Help us, help you, this is a two-way street. Or at Subject: “Book Club” or “Across the pond” or “Services Required.”


Author’s Guide to Amazon

Cheri and Peter John Lucking

Published By: Real Magic Design, LLC

Copyright © 2012 by Cheri and Peter John Lucking All rights reserved







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