Bilbo’s Adventures: A Christmas Wish!


 “If you are looking for a Christmas story this is a wonderful choice. It’s a beautifully illustrated heartwarming story with a surprise happy ending. Our grandchildren — ages 4 and 6 — just loved it.” ~ JJ.

Bilbo’s Adventures Series

From the 2011 INDIE EXCELLENCE Award winning team of Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking comes a new series of books from Bilbo’s Adventures.

The Tales of the Adventures of Bilbo, Santa’s Little Teddy Bear.

Books that encourage children to read, through a magical world of color set to tales that hop, skip, and jump along in rhyme.

Bilbo’s Adventures: A Christmas Wish! (Book1)

Soar with Santa and Bilbo, the little teddy bear on a quest to fulfill a, “Special Christmas Wish,” in this action packed roller coaster ride.

Bilbo’s Adventures:  A CHRISTMAS WISH, is a young readers edition of the 2011 INDIE Excellence Holiday book winner and 2011 INDIE Excellence Book Cover Design-Children-Finalists, SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR targeted directly at the young reader.


Get ready to be dazzled; Santa’s coming by!  Soar with Santa and Bilbo, the little teddy bear on a quest to become a, “Special Christmas gift,” in this action-packed roller coaster ride.

Slip slide and crash in places far beyond WoopWoop and the Black Stump. Hop, skip and bump into strange things on Christmas night.

Do the bottom wobbling, leg wiggling, Cancan.  Golly gosh you will be gob-smacked as you laugh, sing and dance with the reindeer.

Giggle at bunyip’s, scream on a super doper zero G roller coaster ride.  Slither through the steamy swamps.  Stand dazzled at a million, zillion ritzy lights.

See tall ships sail on Halley’s Comets’ turquoise seas more astonishing than you can imagine.

Soar with Bilbo, Santa’s little teddy bear, as he lives his wish, “Of being a special Christmas gift.”   Culminating with a surprise that is sure to bring a tear of joy to every child.

The stunning luminescent illustrations convey a sense of the mystical and magical world of Christmas.  The book contains many opportunities to read and interact with kids.  This book is an excellent tool for young children to learn about different places and cultures in the world.

See the images in 3D with Side walk chalk 3D glasses.

Customer Reviews from Amazon

★★★★★  “What a delightful little story and so beautifully illustrated. ” Carl.   4 reviewers made a similar statement

★★★★★  “You, your children, and your grandchildren will enjoy this heartwarming story. ” Matthew Cox.  3 reviewers made a similar statement

★★★★★  “Greatly written and fun to read. ” Roxanne C Belmont.  2 reviewers made a similar statement

Cast of  Characters


I’m up to the challenge and ready to go.  My wish comes true on this magical night.  Bilbo’s Character is featured at the center of the story with all the action happening around him.

“It was true he had been in the toyshop for three long years,
He had been pulled, tugged and tattered,
It wasn’t his fault, so many kids had given him a hug,
But no one took him home.
He felt shattered!”


“Oh!  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!
You’d better watch out, I
’m checking the list,
I’m coming your way!
To lands afar, for there is work to be done before the dawn’s early light on Christmas day!”

For the young reader’s version, Santa’s character is simplified to reflect the traditional role that American children associate with Father Christmas.

The Clown

The Clowns role is featured more predominantly to catch young children’s eyes and hold there attention.



The Reindeers role is shortened to the more traditional, sleigh bells ringing the reindeer jingling.

Jack-in-the-Box and the Puppet: Have minor roles

The Theme

Rhythm and rhyme are used to make the story easier to read and the language is simplified.

“Back at the castle at the top of the world,
More presents were being wrapped and the candy swirled.

The elves were excited and ready to cheer,
They had just said goodbye to the last reindeer.”

The words hop skip and jump along to role of the tongue.

An Amazon Best seller in multiple category / Browse paths including Christmas and Holidays! Ranked # 47 in Christmas 2011.

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Santa Bilbo's Adventures, A Christmas wish Children holiday book for kids by Real Magic Design Cheri & Peter John Lucking epublishing
From the 2011 INDIE EXCELLENCE Award winning team, comes a new series of books from Bilbo’s Adventures. Tales of the adventures of Bilbo, Santa’s little teddy bear.

Published by Real Magic Design, Cheri and Peter John Lucking Company

Genre fiction, illustrated children’s book.

Number of chapters / pages 32 (In The dummies shown)

Age Group: 4-8

Target audience: Holiday Beginning reader Picture book

An Amazon Best seller in multiple category / Browse paths including Christmas and Holidays! Ranked # 47 in Christmas 2011.

Copyright © 2012 by Cheri Lucking and Peter John Lucking All rights reserved


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