Author’s Guide To Amazon

Publishing, Self-Publishing, Marketing, Sales and Selling Techniques

This fully illustrated book will help you take advantage of the benefits that Amazon provides authors who publish and self-publish by showing you where and how to optimize your presence to sell more books, be noticed, and jump-start your online marketing!

Jump Start Your Amazon marketing with the “Author’s Guide to Amazon.

Amazon is the premier place for authors to sell books. Amazon has the leading market share of book sales and is the premier social networking site for people that want to buy books whose authorship is provided with the social proof of Amazon verified reviews.

This how-to illustrated guide covers all aspects of Amazons benefits for Authors.

By maximizing your presence on Amazon you can gain access to the largest available pool of potential customers for minimal financial outlay. Amazon has buyers waiting for good books if only they can find them.

Authors should take advantage of the huge benefits that Amazon provides by taking simple key steps to optimize their opportunities for success.

This book provides Authors with the information and insight on why every starting out author should publish on Amazon and its associated companies and how to take advantage of all the benefits that Amazon provides to an author.

This illustrated book takes you from the setup of your eBook, through KDP ePublishing to your first Best Seller, marketing promotion. 16 how-to steps every author must make to be a success on Amazon

If you already have a presence on Amazon this book will help you, optimize your existing book and author pages by taking the essential steps that will enable your books to be found by the multitude of book lovers just waiting to read your book.

It is shocking that many books on Amazon have no author page, tags or browse path/category that makes any sense. How will your potential buyers find you? Many authors are not taking advantage of the benefits of ‘verified reviews, ‘likes’ and “tagging” that provide ‘Social Proof’ of the products value, and benefits to improve sales and their overall Amazon ranking.

If you are thinking of doing an Amazon Best Seller book Launch, maximize your opportunity for success with the advice in this book. Make sure you clearly understand what the professionals are offering to do for your book for thousands of dollars. Plan your Marketing Strategy and use your money wisely.

This book tells you is how-to raise the ranking of your book on Amazon and keep it there by using the promotional tools that Amazon provides! Optimize your presence on Amazon to take advantage of all the opportunities Amazon has to offer.

16 easy how-to steps to success! The How-to guide for ebook and book self-publishers

Presented in a step-by-step fashion with techniques to brand your self and push sales by optimizing your “Social proof” through revues and selling.

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Step by step how-to Illustrations from, Author’s Guide To Amazon By Real Magic Design

The “Author’s Guide to Amazon,” covers:

                  • Essential information every author should know from self-publishing to Best Seller launch campaigns. With simple advice on how-to:
                  • Develop Your Marketing Strategy to Improve your Sales
                  • Be a Successful Marketer of Your Self-publish or traditional Published book
                  • Create a Plan of Action
                  • Brand Your Product and Increase your Selling Power
                  • Publishing Sales and Success
                  • The Techniques that Companies Use to Make You A Best Seller
                  • Browse Path Category Selection
                  • Listmania Drill-Down
                  • Amazon Author Page and Book Optimization
                  • Social Media for your book launch
                  • Should I Participate in Other Authors Book Launches?
                  • Do You Need a Web Site?
                  • Do Awards Make a Difference?
                  • Should You Have a Book Video?
                  • Self-Promotion and Internet Marketing?
                  • Promote Your Books with Successful Marketing Campaigns
                  • Why Amazon Should Be Your Social Media Site
                  • And so much more…

The “Author’s Guide to Amazon,” tells you how-to in 16 steps;

  1.  Create a dynamic Amazon Profile
  2.  Use Amazon Advantage if your books is ready to go and already published
  3.  Publish on Kindle Direct KDP
  4. Optimize your Amazon book page
  5.  Be an Amazon Associates to get residual income
  6. Utilize Search Inside the Book
  7.  Set up Amazon Author Central account
  8.  Create Your Events that will be seen on the world wide web
  9.   Create a Book List
  10. Get reviews the ”Social Proof’ ‘ of Your Books Benefits
  11. Write Reviews and add keywords and your signature
  12.  Share your Reviews on Facebook and Twitter from Amazon
  13. Create a Guide
  14.  Utilize your Wish Lists to brand you.
  15. Brand Yourself as an Author
  16. Utilize your Free Days on Amazon KDP Select

Hit a home run on Amazon with this terrific handbook by Real Magic Design


Author’s Guide To Amazon ~ Publishing, Self-publishing, Marketing, Sales and Selling Techniques

Cheri and Peter John Lucking

Published By: Real Magic Design, LLC

Copyright © 2012 by Cheri and Peter John Lucking All rights reserved

This book is intended as a reference volume of techniques for, publishing books, marketing, sales and selling of books on Amazon by authors. The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about the opportunities and techniques available to you as an author. It is not intended as a substitute for other marketing methods you may be considering.


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