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Helping authors to self publish utilizing the techniques we have developed for the Author’s Guide To Amazon ~ We specialize in marketing sales and selling techniques for Amazon publishing of eBooks and books for self-published and traditionally published aspiring writers.

We believe that there are 16 Essential Steps Every Author Must Take to be a Success on Amazon before they market.

What Differentiates US From Other eBook and Book Publishers?

We offer our experience of being, award winning, Best sellers, authors, illustrators and publishers of multiple self-published books and a baker’s dozen of ghostwritten books in multiple formats, including audio books. We utilize our marketing and selling successes to help aspiring writers and authors who are considering self-publishing or who have been published, help, advise promote and optimize their opportunity for success.

There are many companies’ offerings to help you and take your money out of “your pocket,” for everything from, “Amazon book Launches, Amazon Optimization to Best Seller campaigns,” unfortunately these companies rarely look at your overall marketing strategy, seeing only their bottom line.

What Makes Us Different? We Own a Successful Content Branding Company.

Traditional book, eBook publishers require a marketing strategy for sales and selling, what differentiates us is we believe in utilizing the benefits of “Social Proof” in all your campaigns and looking at the big picture.

Before You Part with Your Hard-earned Cash Read:

Author’s Guide to Amazon ~ Publishing, Self-publishing, Marketing, Sales and Selling Techniques.

★ It’s a small price to pay to save thousands of dollars. ★

We believe in mentoring and helping you from, manuscript, branding to promotions and multimedia internet marketing in a how-to approach where you can do everything, or we can help you with the services you are missing.

If you are already traditionally published, you are probably aware of how much marketing your publisher is expecting you to do to promote your book.  Start with checking that your publisher has completed the 16 steps to be a success on Amazon.

Real Magic Design Publishing Services

Feeling overwhelmed.  We offer many services in these areas from our own experience of ePublishing, and self-publishing. We will access your needs and put together a reasonable proposal based on your budget to accomplish the tasks you do not wish to do yourself or need help with.

Ask Yourself, Do I Need Help With…

Real Magic Design is the company that Cheri Lucking and Peter John Lucking self-publish their INDIE Children’s books through.


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